what we do

By innovating new products that are simpler, cheaper, easily maintained and of high efficiency we stand to improve day to day life hence alleviating challenges such as water scarcity, improving sanitation, job creation as well as climate change.
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  • 4,500 Children die every year due to poor sanitation.
  • Pit Latrine are Health Hazards
  • Flies breed in the pit latrine as they carry diseases from the latrine to food and in this way diarrhoea diseases may easily be spread from excreta to food.
  • Pit Latrines negatively impacts ground water.



  • In 2013 we availed ourselves to solve the problems stated above. This resulted in changing our name of the company to from Ba-shomi Maintenance & services to Bashomi Trading & Projects.
  • We became the centre of the Innovation finding new ways in dealing with the challenges that affects our society, addressing the issue of employment.
  • To address the issue of water & Sanitation we developed our game-changing SWALLOWING TOILET SYSTEM.
  • Once flush guaranteed.
  • No need of large septic tank.
  • Reduce contamination of underground water.
  • Decent toilet.
  • Hygiene Wise.
  • Grey water can be used to flush the toilet.
  • Recycle water-Water used to wash hands will be stored in the cistern for flushing of the toilet. User Friendly
  • Affordable.
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