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Bashomi Trading & Projects posed to provide solution in the area of water, sanitation and energy. By innovating new products that are simpler, cheaper, easily maintained and of high efficiency that stand to improve day to day life hence alleviating challenges such as water scarcity, improved sanitation, job creation as well as climate change.
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Bashomi Trading and Projects is a company that was established the year 2006 originally known as Ba-shomi maintenance services(in Plumbing such as leak detection, water meter installation, unblocking sewage pipe etc, electrical work, access control, building pavements, painting and renovation etc).
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  • Once flush guaranteed.
  • No need of large septic tank.
  • Reduce contamination of underground water.
  • Decent toilet.
  • Hygiene Wise.
  • Grey water can be used to flush the toilet.
  • Recycle water-Water used to wash hands will be stored in the cistern for flushing of the toilet. User Friendly
  • Affordable.
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At Bashomi Trading and Projects we pride ourselves by valuing people at the most important of our asserts. 


We are a company that is being developed by the innivativeness and the strength of our valued Human Resources.


We always aim to provide the best workplace for team and then pursue profitability. 

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